What are you hoping to get from the service?

I have an abundance of ideas, but only a few of them will be implemented at the start of the beta testing period. The rest will be implemented while beta testing is ongoing, and after the service has been fully launched.

Most of these ideas came from wishes on the feedback site.

As you are watching this wiki, I suspect you have some guesses as to what "Colombo" is and what it can do for your projects. Feel free to share your ideas here.

I'm looking for ideas that you may have considered adding to Wikidot's feedback site, but decided against posting because they were too outlandish or complicated, to ever be accepted by the team.

Yes, I'm serious. Go wild. If you wish Wikidot allowed you to download more RAM or you want your Wikidot site to be an entrant in hit TV show Australia's Got Talent!, say it here!

Or, post something a little more sensible ;-)


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