Account Security

You may have noticed that this project requires you to register an account beforehand. That is because the power of the project is how it interacts with the Wikidot API, and to do that it requires the ability to store your API key.

Due to the amount of damage that could potentially be done with a read-write key, it is important that it be stored securely. Unlike STE, this service would be storing your key online, and that poses additional risks.

I'd like to let you know that I take the safety of your data very seriously.

Recently I have been researching the best practices in the industry and I intend to implement a number of changes before beta registrations are open, as a result. I will be speaking to experts in the field as well to ensure that I am doing all that I can.

Even with that however, you can do your part: change your API keys regularly. It may be inconvenient to have to then update them in applications like STE and on this service, but you will protect yourself and your Wikidot sites against anyone with hostile intentions.


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