SSL Security, improved performance

From the very beginning, my focus with this project has been on security.

The focus while building the application has been on enforcing the following:

  • Strong passwords
  • Recommendations to regularly reset your Wikidot API keys
  • HTTPS encryption at all times

On a slightly related note, focus has also been on:

  • Ease of use & productivity
  • Performance and speed of the website
  • Responsive web design (you can use any phone or device to access the service)

Today, I can announce that Wikimated is now using SSL. This last major hurdle is part of the reason the service hasn't launched yet - it was something that I saw as a requirement prior to going live.

We are also forwarding our pages through CloudFlare, which provides advanced caching options and other tools for speeding up websites. This should mean that access is even faster than ever.

Visit the SSL website here:


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