Cleaning up the user experience

Today's update (despite it not yet being publicly accessible) focused on logging events that occur when a user visits the website.

Most ugly error messages have now been moved to log files instead, which I can check as required. It makes for a much smoother user experience.

However, it also means that I must put thought into a privacy policy. The IP address of website visitors is now logged, and actions of signed-in users is logged to form an audit trail of all changes to data. It also makes it possible to look up error messages based on the user that is reporting the problem.

I can assure you now that such data will be used only to ensure a better experience and a more stable service for users. It will never be shared with any third-party individual or group. The privacy policy will serve as a formal confirmation of that.

As for my next change: I realised earlier today that whilst a "change password" function is available, I never actually implemented it. It will be completed before the closed beta.


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