This documentation is out of date, and will be updated shortly. Use it as a guide only.


Change/Reset my password

Go to your account page, and under Account Information click on the 'Change Password' link.


You will need to know your existing password in order to change it. This is for security purposes, to prevent unauthorised users that have accessed your computer while logged in from changing critical account information.

Your old password cannot be retrieved. If you have lost it, your only option is to have it reset to something else by an administrator.

Password Strength: All passwords must be a minimum length of 10 characters. We highly recommend that you also use a mixture of UPPER- and lower-case characters in your password. Adding numbers and symbols is also good practice.

Updating my email address

Not yet possible. Contact the developer to have it manually reset in the meantime.

Requesting new features

You can request new features by signing into your account and sending in some feedback:


The following HTML tags are supported in messages that are sent via the feedback form: <b>, <i>, <u>, <p>, <a> and <pre>.

Wikidot Sites

Adding a Wikidot site

Instructions for this are not yet available.

Removing a Wikidot site

Instructions for this are not yet available.

Wikidot API Keys

Adding an API key

To add an API key to your account, sign in and click on the "Manage Account" link. Then enter your key into this text field:


Once you have entered your key and refreshed the page, it should look something like this:


Removing an API key

To remove an API key, click on the "Delete" button alongside it.

If there are no services using that key, it will be instantly removed from the database. Otherwise, you will need to unlink it from those services beforehand.


Tasks are the main way that Wikimated interacts with Wikidot.

Each task has a number of properties, including:

  • The Wikidot site that it acts upon
  • An API key that it uses to perform those actions
  • Additional, task-specific properties (dependent on the type of task)

Each task is made up of one or more events. These events are the point in time at which Wikimated actually interacts with Wikidot, and reads or writes data from/to Wikidot. Some events are triggered manually, whilst others are scheduled to happen at regular intervals.

Event Types

Tasks are made up of one or more events. There are two types of task events; Triggered and Scheduled.

Triggered events occur when the user activates them in some way. This could be as simple as visiting a URL, or it could involve actually signing into the website and activating it that way.

Scheduled events occur at regular intervals (e.g. once every 24 hours). These are useful for ongoing changes that you don't want to keep manually checking up on. Scheduled tasks are aimed more towards business and power users of Wikidot.

Adding a new task

Select "Tasks" in the menu at the top of any page, and then click on the "Add" button to add a new task to your account.

Fill in all information that is requested, and then save your changes.

Editing settings for a task

Sign into your account, and then click on the "Tasks" option in the menu. Find an existing task that you have set up in the list on that page, and click the "Edit" button to configure the task's properties.

Removing an existing task

After signing in, go to the "Tasks" page by finding the link in the website menu and clicking on it.

Locate the task that you would like to remove, and click on the "Delete" button alongside it.

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