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We're (still) on Twitter!

The vast majority of updates that can be fit within 140 characters will now be posted to the Twitter account:

In order to make things easier for you, the official Twitter feed has been embedded into the main Account page that you see after logging into the website.

This means you only need to log into your account - don't bother coming here or visiting Twitter directly!

Feedback is always welcome, and I'd be happy to hear what you think about this change.

23 Oct 2014 06:20

File Manager

I am currently working on a file manager for Wikimated. At the moment it is extremely useful for finding which pages have files attached, or where a specific file is located (Ctrl+F for filename after generating the list).

Viewing detailed information about files, and uploading new ones to a page, is currently under investigation.

Still in development, but most likely available within the week:

If you would like to be notified once this is available, register an account on Wikimated. We'll contact you when the feature is live!

16 Oct 2014 06:36

Task run status

New feature! If a task fails you can now check for error reports by logging into your account:


If the task ran successfully, that will also appear.

25 Sep 2014 02:08

Tasks for every day of the week

At launch you could only create tasks for Saturday and Sunday. This has just been expanded so that you can choose any day of the week.

More triggers will be coming in the near future.

23 Sep 2014 00:45

Wikimated is available!

Hop over to the website, and register to try it out!

We'll be adding new features rapidly over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

22 Sep 2014 13:08

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